My second Square Day video, which is much lengthier, but worth it, I think, if you are curious at all as to what I like about each episode and all my other feels. Broken down ep by ep.

If you do watch the whole thing, I am kind of impressed. I just rewatched the entire season 1 and had a lot of thoughts! :D

Also, includes a lot of Percy and Shelly love!

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    A feat of strength and endurance!
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    Love the hickey story.
  3. kyliesparks27 said: Oh I watched the whole thing! You really love Percy hahahahaha
  4. neither-saint-nor-sinner said: "things that you’ve now learned about erin" omg I love this video and the fact that you put more coherent thoughts together than I could and it was totes worth watching all 14m of this. there should be l7sville DVDs with erin’s fan commentary.
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