elemesy asked: "The thing I wish people understood about extroverts is that all the crazy hides mounds of insecurity, obviously something that Lydia deal with. Jane and Lizzie are close and she deals with feeling like an outsider in her own family. Extroverts need affirmation, not because we're annoying attention seekers, but because that's how we know what to do. If you compliment an extrovert they'll continue in what you like about them, if you give them harsh criticism they just assume that you hate them."

Yes. This. I so often use my energy and excitement to cover up the fact that I care about what you think about me WAY TOO MUCH. People are always like “wow, you really don’t care about other people’s opinion” or “you are so confident” and I’m just like… hahahahaaaa hahahaa hah

It’s like, no, you handle your insecurity by drawing in, I handle it by acting out. But we both have the same insecurity.

But the thing is, I’ve come to learn that this is SUCH a helpful trait. Because I can act like I’m comfortable and cool until I actually am, and they actually are, too. I act like I have no insecurities until the other person comes out of theirs, and then them coming out of theirs help me come out of mine. It is a beautiful circle where we help each other out.

Which is why people shouldn’t all have the same personalities, that kind of sucks. And we need to learn to appreciate the ways people are different from us.

  1. commesdesenfantes said: yo let me in on this. people are always so surprised when I mention how shy I am, because I don’t act like it at all but I am usually TERRIFIED, you just can’t tell because I cover it up by being really outgoing.
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