Q&As are for YOU!

I just want to make it clear that the Q&A with Wes on Sunday is hosted by the Seahorses, not for the Seahorses.

Several people who consider themselves seahorses are organizing it, but we are organizing it for YOU the FAN, whoever you are, and whatever you call yourself!

This is a way that several of us have decided to give back to the show, to the fans, to the fandom- if you’re not aware, it is a lot of work to get it organized and ready to happen in a way that I hope is a smooth process and experience for everyone- that’s something that people like me are gladly doing so that ALL FANS can enjoy a fun Q&A with special guests from the cast or crew.

There will be no preferential treatment when selecting people to join the hangout based on whether they are considered seahorses or not. It will be based on interest and questions.

Again, this is something the seahorses are hosting. It is something that we are putting together to serve ALL FANS no matter how you choose to enjoy the show or identify yourself in the fandom.

You don’t have to have attended a hangout before, or have any intention on hanging out again in the future, you don’t have to call your self a seahorse, or ever intend on calling yourself a seahorse, in order to watch, ask questions, or join the hangout with Wes. 

:) Can’t wait to see y’all Sunday and hopefully again in the future!

(bolded just for the important bits to stand out if you’re scrolling, because i’m always tl;dr)

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