My Tumblr Crushes:getoffyourfeetandmakethiscountmamaleh6994rachelkileylucylivesherlifesmooshlessokayameliathelorelaisquaredtheashleyclementsmarykatewilesThis kind of sums it up, yeah.
My Tumblr Crushes:
  1. getoffyourfeetandmakethiscount
  2. mamaleh6994
  3. rachelkiley
  4. lucylivesherlife
  5. smooshless
  6. okayamelia
  7. thelorelaisquared
  8. theashleyclements
  9. marykatewiles

This kind of sums it up, yeah.

  1. smooshless said: I love how worried I look to be in the middle of all those guys.
  2. getoffyourfeetandmakethiscount said: BOW DOWN BITHCES
  3. mamaleh6994 said: Why’re you so obsessed with me?
  4. asleeptired said: BASICALLY
  5. thelorelaisquared said: NGL, this is pretty perfect.
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