Help me out here.

Discussing gay marriage with my parents. Conversation point we keep getting stuck on:

"But why do they want the name marriage?"

Can some of you who don’t believe Christianity and the biblical idea of marriage give me some examples or reasons for why the term and idea of marriage is still important to you (if it is)?

Since I only have my own experience and understanding of marriage, I thought I would open this up to see if someone else could give an example or explanation of this that I could share.

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    "Married," "spouse," "husband," "wife" are easily understood words in describing a committed relationship. "Partner,"...
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    posting without much extra commentary- I appreciate those who have taken time to respond, and lending me your knowledge...
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    I perform wedding ceremonies on occasion and I’ve been asked to use that reading quite a few times. Here’s an anecdote —...
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    This is always a major hang up when I discuss gay marriage. Being Christian, it’s such a difficult issue to take a stand...
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    Even though David and I are a het couple, we support marriage equality for all consenting adults full stop. We used part...
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    I agree with what lies and anonsally are saying, but I think this is really a case of occam’s razor. proponents of “gay...
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    Another reason is that speaking legally, “domestic partnership” does not include all of the LEGAL RIGHTS that marriage...
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    Marriage as a concept is much more of a universal element of human culture than is Christianity. Christianity is just...
  12. neilpatrickgay said: i mean, it’s not really equality if some people get to use the term “marriage” and some people don’t, and equality is kind of the whole point with gay rights, isn’t it? That’s my perspective at least.
  13. cattilney said: Because why should we accept something lesser than the word for a loving union? Alternatives usually sound like they’re part of business plan, not something for the union of two people who love each other. And the word ‘marriage’ has secular origins.
  14. celiaelise said: not really an answer, but that’s how i see it.